Roller Shades Available with Hardwired Motor Controls

QMotion Qadvanced Intelligent System Motorized Roller Shades.

QMotion Qadvanced Intelligent System Motorized Roller Shades.

QMotion recently announced its new hardwired motor controls and communications applications for its roller shades as the Qadvanced Intelligent System Motorized Roller Shade Collection (QIS).

QMotion continues to evolve communications technologies for interactive motorized shade controls, and the hardwired control applications enhance new construction in light commercial and residential applications. The hardwired motor controls interface through leading automation systems, such as Vantage and Control4, or can be stand alone units. Features and accessories include single or dual hardwired switches, multiple power distribution panels, and 2-way communication. QIS Motorized Shades require a power and communication panel that will control up to eight ports for a combination of shades and remotes and the total system can operate as many as 200 shades. The system functions on a 24-volt DC power supply.

Unique to QMotion’s system, the hardwired configuration utilizes a standard cat 5e or cat 6 cable to connect to both the power and communication panel, which benefits in not having the additional expense of proprietary cabling or two separate cables.
In addition to wall panel control, the QIS shades can be operated using the new QdR wireless remotes. Improving signal strength and range, the stylish and smaller remote utilizes five channels for easy programming.

From the world’s narrowest shade at 15.5 inches to our extra large options (up to 144 by 144 inches on one tube or up to 288 by 144 inches with the Qlink coupler system), QMotion Roller Shades allow for a customized experience. Shades are available in either standard or reverse roll, and numerous options are available for fabrics, fascia and hembars to accentuate your décor. With nearly 300 fabrics, offerings include solar, sheer, translucent, decorative and blackout options, allowing varying degrees of privacy, view-through, glare control and degrees of heat gain.

As with all QMotion’s motorized products, the new QIS Shades are equipped with a patented manual override feature. An industry exclusive, customers can operate the shades by remote control or by hand without damage to the shade or motor.

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