2ND AVE Lighting Receives People’s Choice Awards for Most Interesting Light Products

2ND AVE Lighting has received the “People’s Choice Awards for Most Interesting Light Products” at Hi Connect Design 2014, based on products and designs that attendees loved most. The winners were presented with the prestigious awards during the awards luncheon on the final day of HI Connect Design, a hotel industry event which was held in Nashville, Tenn., March 25-27.

2ND AVE Lighting received the award for its array of custom lighting products. In addition, 2ND AVE Lighting supplied custom designs for Dyer, Indiana-based Interior Images’ Luxury Lobby Vignette, which won a “People’s Choice Award.” 2ND AVE Lighting also supplied custom lighting fixtures for the “Outdoor Lounge” vignette created by Nashville’s own, FH Design, which also received a “People’s Choice Award” at the event.

“We were honored to be invited to custom manufacture spectacular custom lighting for the wonderful spaces at Hi Connect,” stated Robert Cohen, President of 2ND AVE Lighting. “These awards are truly the icing on the cake—a real tribute to the designers that we work with and our own production team. All fixtures were made in the USA.”

Hi Connect Design attendees voiced their opinions via the HI Connect Design app and casted their votes for the most innovative and exciting designs during the hotel industry event.

HI Connect Design is a hospitality trade show featuring the industry’s finest designers, suppliers, architects and purchasing companies that meet with top executives, owners and developers representing leading hotel brands both domestically and abroad. The event offers a unique opportunity for attendees to interact with real environments, or “vignettes,” such as guestrooms that display products in context to inspire a different level of conversation. This concept is so unique and different than any other tradeshow ever produced that Hotel Interactive has patented this innovative concept.

Since 1979 the 2ND AVE Lighting brand has valued personalized and customized lighting. With a wide selection of style, size, finish, shade, and crystal choices, each lighting fixture is unique. Projects include high-end residential, senior living, hotels, casinos, country clubs and restaurants throughout the Untied States and abroad, as well as streetscape lighting projects for master planned communities, resorts and cities.

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