UL/CLEB Hosts Workshop on Curtain Wall Condensation Resistance for Cold Climates

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) member company UL/CLEB gave a workshop during the AAMA 2018 Annual Conference in Orlando. UL/CLEB Principal Engineer Robert Jutras presented a case study on the subject, offering visual examples of a specific project and its tests.

The presentation studied the specification requirements pertaining to condensation resistance test objectives, the importance of replicating project-specific operational parameters, and interior conditions in cold climates and condensation prevention issues. It also compared the testing approach for the case study with conventional condensation resistance procedure.

Jutras showed several images of prototype construction for the case study and went over its components, including radiant heating panels, a hydronic system, and ventilation system and controls. He also showed what the interior finishes and thermocouples installation looked like. The workshop included a discussion of results, including a comparison between runs and a comparison with conventional condensation resistance; without all the bells and whistles, Jutras says.

This presentation was an opportunity for AAMA member companies to host workshops at conferences. Spaces for the 2018 National Summer Conference are available on a first come, first serve basis.

“Category 1 and 2 members are now able to sponsor seminars and workshops at AAMA events,” says AAMA Meetings Manager Florence Nicolici. “Similar to a lunch and learn, this opportunity allows you to position yourself as an expert on issues important to the industry. You bring your knowledge; AAMA handles the administrative details. By leading an education-focused session, you’ll also be able to cultivate leads and network with both existing and potential customers.”

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