AABC Releases Magazine Devoted to Test and Balance Industry

The Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) has announced the first AIA-approved issue of TAB Journal, a magazine devoted to the test and balance (TAB) industry. Now TAB Journal readers can earn AIA-approved learning units (acceptable as continuing education for most industry credentials, including TBE, CxA, and EMP) by reading an issue and passing a quiz.

Highlights of the Summer 2020 issue of TAB Journal include the following stories:

  • Preparing Spaces for Worship Post COVID-19 Outbreak
    • Joseph K. Hardy, TBE, Augusta Air Balance Co. LLC
  • TAB Saves Bakery Some Kneaded Dough
    • Brian Averman, TBE, Southwest Testing and Balancing LLC
  • Air (Mis)Handler Issues
    • Steve Brockman, TBE, Matrix Air Balance Inc.
  • 5G and the Test & Balance Engineer
    • Eddie Alejandre, PE, TBE, CxA, Los Angeles Air Balance Co. Inc.
  • A Discussion about Return Airflow Issues
    • Casey McElwee, TBE, Professional System Analysis Inc.

As the leading publication in the test and balance industry, with a circulation of more than 25,000, TAB Journal provides a comprehensive way to reach test and balance professionals, building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, facility managers, and other HVAC professionals. Questions regarding advertising and subscribing to TAB Journal should be sent to AABC Headquarters.

AABC is a nonprofit association of certified independent test and balance (TAB) agencies that establishes industry standards for the field measurement and documentation of HVAC systems, and provides education, technical training, and certification for its members.

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