AAMA Brochure Provides Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Windows, Doors and Skylights

Regular care and maintenance extends the lifespan and performance of windows, doors and skylights. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) offers a revised and re-issued educational brochure with tips for proper cleaning and maintenance to help products perform as intended.

“Caring for Your Windows, Doors and Skylights” presents a comprehensive overview of:

  • Glass care
  • Frame cleaning
  • Hardware and component care
  • Drainage system design
  • Condensation and moisture considerations
  • Finish color retention
  • Plastic glazing for skylights

“When customers have questions about how to care for their windows, doors or skylights, AAMA is dedicated to providing answers,” notes Kim Flanary, codes and regulatory manager for Milgard Manufacturing Inc. “The advantage of the third-party approach of the brochure is the building owner or builder can be assured there is no manufacturer bias. This consensus-based approach to standards development ensures that all feedback – from manufacturers, suppliers, and more – is considered in the final document. This lets the building owner or builder know that we, as manufacturers, will stand behind the information.”

Manufacturers can personalize the brochure with their logo and contact information to remind customers of these hints. Custom-imprinted brochures can be shared with end-users, sales staff, distributors and retail outlets. Some manufacturers include a copy with each shipment.

The six-panel, fold-out brochure is intended to help building owners, property managers, and all who are responsible for maintaining and cleaning windows, doors and skylights. With the re-issued hard copy resource, AAMA also has launched a web page with information from the brochure, which can be viewed here.

“Regardless of framing material, operator type or size, all of these products must be cared for to increase their service life, performance and operation,” Angela Dickson, AAMA marketing and communications director. “From cleaning glass to caring for frames and more, consumers will understand how to maintain their fenestration products. This brochure has been revised and re-issued with tips for how to do exactly that.”

“Some states require that manufacturers provide written care and maintenance instructions. ‘Caring for Your Windows, Doors and Skylights’ may assist with this compliance, and in promoting better-informed customers,” Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO adds, “The brochure communicates industry-wide practices without being brand specific. This neutral, third-party approach removes the potential, negative connotation that could be made about an individual manufacturer who shares similar information under their own company name.”

The AAMA brochure addresses a range of products, components, applications and current industry standards. To identify products that have been certified to meet performance standards, “Caring for Your Windows, Doors and Skylights” also illustrates the AAMA gold label. The AAMA Certification Program establishes a quality assurance program available to window, door and skylight manufacturers. The AAMA Certification Label tells customers that a sample of the product has been verified as conforming to the standards’ requirements through independent laboratory testing and follow-up on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s production line.

Manufacturers, installers and builders may utilize this brochure as a handout for customers. A digital sample of the brochure can be viewed and printed copies may be ordered from the online store. Discounts and personalization options are available for AAMA members. Industry representatives are also encouraged to share the web page with customers by visiting aamanet.org/maintenance.

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