AAMA to Hold Webinar on Daylighting Strategies and Methods

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) will hold a webinar open to the industry to discuss the role of daylighting in current energy and sustainable codes, as well as advanced building design, daylighting strategies and methods, and the science behind the measurements. Vice president of product enterprise for Solatube International Inc., Neall Digert, Ph.D., MIES, will lead the one-hour webinar beginning at 11:30 a.m. EDT on April 12.

“Daylighting has become one of the fastest growing green building strategies, playing a major role in building design for sustainability and energy savings. Many experts feel that daylighting is necessary to realize Zero Net Energy buildings, a DOE goal for 2025 and a state of California goal for 2020 for residential buildings. As a result, daylighting continues to garner attention in building energy codes and green rating systems,” according to Digert.

Unlike most AAMA webinars, which are for members-only, this session is available to anyone in the industry with an interest in the topic.

“Dr. Digert is an expert in his field, and I’m confident the information he will be sharing with the industry will be of great value,” says Dean Lewis, AAMA’s technical manager of training and education. “Anyone with an interest in daylighting should consider attending this complimentary presentation.”

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