AAMA Releases White Paper About Aluminum Fenestration

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released a white paper created by the AAMA Aluminum Material Council that discusses the use of aluminum in high-performing building enclosures. AMC-2-26, “Aluminum in High-Performing Building Enclosures,” is available in the AAMA online store as a download.

“This white paper was needed in order to educate and inform the marketplace about the energy advantages of using aluminum fenestration,” says Elizabeth Cotton (Kawneer), chair of the AMC Marketing Committee. “With today’s technology, these products can achieve code requirements in an efficient and innovative manner, as well as achieving credits through green building certification programs.”

Aluminum extrusions used in the manufacture of entrances, storefront framing, curtain walls, windows and skylight fenestration systems play a role in making high-performing building enclosures more energy efficient and resilient, states the white paper. Sustainability is a topic of interest in the paper, noting that the recyclability of aluminum benefits both present and future generations by conserving energy and other natural resources. The considerable energy and cost invested in the production of primary aluminum can be reinvested into other aluminum products when aluminum is recycled and used in whole or as part of a new product, notes the document.

AMC-2-16, unlike most other AAMA documents which are available for purchase, may be downloaded from AAMA’s online store. More information about AAMA and its activities can be found on the AAMA website.

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