Access Sto Tools and Input Requests Online

Sto Corp. has announced the launch of StoConnect, which allows contractors and applicators to access Sto tools and input requests. The site has been streamlined to create a user-friendly experience and includes additional features to better accommodate contractors.

“The new StoConnect site was really designed with contractors in mind,” says Keri Tolar, digital manager, Sto Corp., “The user experience is fantastic. It’s faster, easier and it has more options. It’s really the one-stop online shop for everything Sto.”      

The website allows any visitor to create a login and begin navigating the site to take advantage of its features. Once logged in, the process remains streamlined. Create an eSubmittal with ease in the redesigned Sto eSubmittal feature. Users can add default products for a Sto wall system with a single click or customize the system to match the products called for in the project specification. Existing eSubmittals may be copied or edited. And multiple eSubmittals may be created for a single project. View the login page.

“StoConnect will simplify the upfront stages of a project so contractors can do what they do best – build,” concludes Tolar.

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