Accuracy in Roof Measurements


Photographs taken by aircraft are turned into 3-D images, which offer exact pitch measurements and ensure accurate square-footage measurements.

The report provides labor and time savings for McEnany Roofing’s crew. “For years, we have been measuring roofs by hand,” Browning notes. “The accuracy and ease that we have found by using aerial roof measurements has made a tremendous difference to our business.”

The measurements are based on photographs taken by airplanes that are turned into 3-D images. The 3-D images offer exact pitch measurements, ensuring accurate square-footage measurements. This allows for precise material ordering, which cuts down or eliminates waste from the jobsite or down time when not enough material is ordered for the project.

In addition, the project manager will know exactly what materials will be required each day of the project based on what section the crew is working on and the roof report for that section.

McEnany Roofing uses the roofing reports every day to plan production and then communicate production plans to the crews. “Some people think the reports are only for estimating, but we have found the reports have saved considerable money for the company with accurate material ordering and waste management,” Browning continues.  “Another area is customer service. By presenting the hospital with a detailed roofing report of all its roofing decks it shows our long-term commitment to the hospital’s maintenance, repair and reroofing projects.”

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Aerial Roof Reports

EagleView Technologies, Bothell, Wash., was founded in 2006 and offers aerial roof-measurement technology through its patent-pending software that was developed by a second-generation roofing contractor and an image technology software developer. Because of its software, EagleView Technologies guarantees 96 percent accuracy on its roof measurements. Roofing contractors can choose monthly plans during which they can order hundreds of reports. Reports also can be ordered per project. For more information about EagleView Technologies’ aerial roof measurement reports, call (866) 659-8439 or visit

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