ACEC Calls on Congress to Invest in Airport Infrastructure Improvements

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has submitted written testimony for a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee titled, “The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Investment in our Nation’s Airports Matters.”

ACEC’s member firms are engaged in several components of airport planning, design, and construction and ACEC supports increased investment to improve airport infrastructure. ACEC’s President and CEO, Linda Baur Darr, released the following statement at the hearing.

“America is regarded as the birthplace of aviation, but the current state of our outdated airport infrastructure does a disservice to that legacy. Far too many of our airports are overcrowded and cramped in the face of record demand for passenger and cargo traffic. If we are to win in the global economy, we must modernize our airport infrastructure. To do this Congress must increase AIP funding, which has languished for a decade, and lift the cap on PFCs so airports can improve their facilities as they see fit.

Chairman DeFazio took a welcome first step in this direction with today’s hearing, but one hearing won’t make policy. Airport investment must be championed throughout the process of drafting an infrastructure package. ACEC and its members are ready to lend their expertise and their voice to the effort.”

Next month, ACEC will hold its Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, where hundreds of firm executives from all 50 states will take to the Hill to meet with lawmakers and advocate for a national infrastructure package, including investment in airport infrastructure. To learn more about the annual convention visit the website.

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