Achieve Sustainability Goals with Permeable Pavers

Eco-Promenade pavers with Series finish in three distinct colors play off of the building hues in the neighborhood creating an interesting and vibrant space for all to enjoy while mitigating local flooding.

The increased frequency and intensity of storms, flooding and snowmelt events, combined with commonly used impervious surfaces in urban environments, has increased the amount of stormwater runoff. This excess runoff overwhelms stormwater management systems and leads to the contamination of local waterways. Unilock is passionate about helping landscape architects and designers solve the problem of excess stormwater by creating sustainable solutions with permeable pavers. All Unilock permeable pavers are manufactured with spacer bars, resulting in joint gaps that allow for rapid penetration of water into the subbase, easing the negative effects of stormwater runoff.

Unilock was the first manufacturer to introduce permeable paving to North America in 1991 and has continued to lead the charge with new, innovative products. Steadily increasing the selection of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, they offer the broadest collection of permeable products in the market today that are appropriate for a variety of applications from pedestrian to heavy-duty vehicular. Choose from styles including modern, geometric, historic or traditional to create beautiful permeable paving designs that match or complement existing architecture. Available with the added benefits of EnduraColor facemix or EasyClean stain resistance, these unique manufacturing technologies will ensure that your projects will stand the test of time.

Unilock offers permeable pavers in many different shapes and sizes. From the basic rectangle to L-shaped, hexagonal to plank, the range of choice ensures the right product for your design.

With Unilock permeable pavers, designing sustainable sites doesn’t mean you have to compromise your design vision—achieve your design goals and meet your projects’ technical requirements!

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