AdMix Encore is a Silver Nightingale Award Recipient

Emulating the look of terrazzo, AdMix Encore from Patcraft has been named a Silver Nightingale Award recipient in recognition for its contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation. Available in 36- and 12-inch square tiles and 24 colors, AdMix Encore features homogeneous construction and a seamless moisture barrier. Products are designed to coordinate with the Patcraft AdMix, providing options in the creation of spaces.

“AdMix Encore builds on an existing product category for high-demand environments,” says Shannon Cochran, Patcraft vice president, creative and design. “The broad color line allows for design flexibility for pediatrics, acute care and operating rooms. Colors can be used independently or together and are ideal to enhance the terrazzo style for wayfinding, logos and orientation use within a space.”

Set to launch at the end of 2017, AdMix Encore is a fit for high-demand traffic areas, such as healthcare facilities. Offering a 2500 psi when installed, the homogeneous solid resin construction allows for scratches, scuffs and stains to be buffed. AdMix Encore can be heat welded and/or flash coved, and can be immersed in water with no degradation, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas that require large volumes of water for maintenance.

Created using pre-consumer recycled content, Admix Encore features fewer VOCs than linoleum and rubber and is Floorscore certified. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this product offers performance-driven style.

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