Aeroseal Raises $22 Million to Enable Homes and Buildings to Reach Net Zero

Aeroseal LLC, a climate tech company shrinking carbon emissions from residential and commercial buildings, has raised $22 million in funding. The Series A round was led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) with participation from Energy Impact Partners and Building Ventures.

As the world reaches an inflection point around climate change, this funding will help Aeroseal accelerate its mission—enabling homes and building to reach net zero. To do this, Aeroseal will scale its R&D, marketing team, and increase support of its dealer network.

Homes and buildings consume 40 percent of the nation’s energy, but an average of 30 percent of this energy is wasted according to the Department of Energy. This energy is wasted, in large part, through small leaks in heating and cooling ductwork, as well as the building envelope separating the interior and exterior of every structure.

The ducts and walls in buildings are inadequately sealed by manual solutions. Aeroseal’s technologies, HomeSeal Connect and AeroBarrier Connect, inject a fog of sealant particles into these pressurized spaces. These particles safely seal leaks as big as 5/8 inch and as small as a human hair. Software tracks the entire process, creating a certificate of completion showing before and after leakage.

“This funding ensures our team can reach its goal of shrinking carbon emissions by 1 gigaton,” says Amit Gupta, CEO of Aeroseal LLC. “We are doubling our focus on innovation to make our technologies even easier and more cost-effective to deploy throughout the world. Whether we are enabling net-zero home construction or improving energy efficiency on existing buildings, Aeroseal can help any building reduce its carbon footprint.”

The company’s 100 employees in Dayton, Ohio, serve contractors and builders who are sealing ducts and walls around the globe in everything from homes, hospitals, and schools to government facilities, hotels and offices. During the pandemic, the importance of more comfortable spaces with cleaner, healthier air became more important than ever.

“Building emissions are a significant contributor to climate change globally, and a problem that the BEV team is actively working to solve,” adds Carmichael Roberts, Breakthrough Energy Ventures. “Aeroseal’s technology addresses a challenge found in every building: energy waste caused by undetectable and unreachable leaks. This investment will help them build on their market penetration and expand their efforts to reduce carbon emissions in buildings, while creating cleaner, healthier air for us to breathe.”

Energy Impact Partners is investing in Aeroseal because utilities are looking for innovative, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that enable them to support their customers’ efforts to manage their energy spend and carbon footprint.

“Aeroseal can deliver an energy efficiency solution that can be rapidly deployed at scale for commercial and residential buildings,” says Sam Bursten, vice president at Energy Impact Partners. “Delivering on the promise of building envelope efficiency will have a transformative impact on reducing global emissions. We are confident that Aeroseal’s solution will play a major role in creating sustainable, safe, and healthier homes and workplaces.”

Aeroseal’s impact on climate change would not be possible without its network of more than 1,100 contractors across the globe. In fact, based on the number of Aeroseal’s devices deployed worldwide, the company estimates it helps create more than 3,000 jobs through this network. Aeroseal will create tens of thousands of these high-paying climate tech jobs. It is already actively hiring for roles across their company.

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