AI Software Can Complete Energy Audits without Onsite Visit

With $5 million in dilutive and non-dilutive funding raised and 100 percent growth each year, EnergyX Solutions is in a position to help lead the clean energy revolution. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) product comes at the right time, considering the country’s new commitment to help retrofit buildings to meet clean energy and conservation needs. Many utilities and organizations have already begun using the technology, while others are in the process of getting on board to do so.

EnergyX’s Retrofit AI can perform energy audits with the same accuracy as an onsite audit without ever visiting the building, thanks to machine learning and data science.

The software popularity comes at a time when President Biden has announced his clean energy plan for the next four years. His plan includes upgrading 4 million buildings and weatherizing 2 million homes over the next four years. The goal is to retrofit the homes and buildings to help them become more energy efficient.

EnergyX’s software is an artificial intelligence model that is data-driven, offering flexibility and strong collaboration with utility partners. It has been designed to include program automation, workflow and vendor management, and can run a utility energy-efficiency program end to end. Scalable, accurate building audits paired with user-focused and digital program automation will be a critical piece of the retrofit programs of tomorrow.

Utilities and organizations who use the EnergyX Solutions software are able to get the highest net savings per program dollar spent. Additionally, 70 percent of homeowners who use the software take steps to improve their energy efficiency; the software reduces the number of calls to call centers, helping to save utilities money, and it offers fully customized solutions so that people get a unique utility customer experience.

Some factors that are key to meeting retrofit goals include:

  • Evaluate needs: The first step in any clean energy project is making sure buildings aren’t using more energy than they need. In a typical home, air leakage alone can account for 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling. This is why energy efficiency has to be the first step. We need to do deep retrofits on our building stock to make sure buildings are operating efficiently, and then switch them over to a clean source of energy.
  • Conduct an audit: Energy audits are the first step in figuring out which retrofits a building requires to operate at peak efficiency. They are often required for rebate programs and they outline where the home is losing energy and detail how much a homeowner stands to save. These reports are essentially a customized cheat sheet that tells people how to save money and be more comfortable. More than 60 percent of households that have an energy audit make an energy-efficiency upgrade as a result.

Although it’s wise to have an energy audit, only a fraction of homes have ever had one. They are costly (in both time and money) for the utility to deliver, and they are a burden for the customer. Innovative technology like EnergyX’s Retrofit AI can perform these analyses with the same accuracy as an onsite audit without ever visiting the building, thanks to machine learning and data science. This gives us the power to audit every building, identify those essential deep retrofit opportunities, and kick-start the clean energy revolution in a way that is informed by data.

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