AIA Members Sign on as Charter Members of Tax Reform Coalition

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced that it has signed on as charter members of Parity for Main Street Employers (PMSE), a coalition pushing for comprehensive tax reform that treats small business fairly.

Formerly called the Pass-Through Coalition, the “Parity for Main Street Employers” steering committee is made up of nine national trade groups actively representing private employers in the tax reform discussion. The group’s general membership is made up of those trade groups that have signed on to the tax reform principles letter that forms the core of the group’s advocacy efforts.

A recent iteration of that letter was released in anticipation of the hearing on Tax Reform before the House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee. The letter, which is signed by more than 100 business groups, including the AIA, calls on Congress to enact tax reform that is comprehensive, restores tax rate parity for all businesses and reduces or eliminates the double tax imposed on corporations.

“Almost 80 percent of AIA members are small businesses,” says AIA President Russ Davidson, FAIA. “Any attempt to reform the tax code must protect such small businesses and restore rate parity between corporations and so-called pass-through businesses that contribute more than 50 percent of business income to America’s economy.”

“The AIA is proud to be a part of the PMSE, as well as serve on its steering committee,” Davidson says.

The letter closes, “By embracing these broad concepts, Congress can move the taxation of business income in a direction that helps all employers, regardless of how they are organized, to invest and create jobs here in America.”

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