American Institute of Architects Issues Punch List

The Washington,D.C.-based American Institute of Architects has issued its punch list for Congress that, if completed, will spur improvements relating to energy efficiency, infrastructure and resiliency, as well as create jobs for small business. “America needs to create more jobs, to strengthen communities and find help for millions of young people to succeed in the new economy,” says Robert Ivy, AIA’s CEO. “The AIA’s Congressional punch list will help Congress satisfy its implicit contract with the American people to spur growth and create jobs. Our legislative agenda reflects the priorities of the American people.”

The following are AIA’s punch list items:

  • Re-enact expired energy efficiency tax incentives.
  • Help businesses by reforming government procurement rules.
  • Invest in the next generation of design leaders.
  • Invest in infrastructure.
  • Pass a common-sense energy-efficiency bill.
  • Help communities weather natural disasters.

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