American Standard Introduces Faucets with Hot Water Temperature Limiter

The NextGen Selectronic faucet line from American Standard features an integrated design and SmarTherm technology that incorporates an ASSE 1070-certified thermostatic hot water temperature limiter into the faucet.

The patent-pending, integrated SmarTherm safety shut-off is ASSE 1070-certified to protect the user from scalding due to a spike in hot water temperature or an interruption to the cold water flow.  SmarTherm eliminates the need to specify and install a separate thermostatic mixing valve.

NextGen faucet models are available without mixing, with above deck mixing (ADM), and with ADM plus SmarTherm.

The integrated design incorporates the electronics in the spout, eliminating the need for a control box below the deck. This shortens the installation time because only the water connections are made under the sink. Facility managers will find this touchless faucet simple to maintain because all serviceable components are accessible after removing the faucet cover with one screw.

Its hands-free operation provides a hygienic hand-washing setting employing the brand exclusive Selectronic sensor technology. Power options include the standard CR-P2 lithium battery, PWRX 10-year battery, plug-in and hard-wired AC, or multi-AC power, plus offers a battery backup. 

For more information on NextGen Selectronic faucets, visit here or call (800) 442-1902.

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