Apollo Metro Solutions’ LED to Be Tested in Collier County, Fla.

Naples, Fla.-based Apollo Metro Solutions and Collier County, Fla., will move forward with an expanded pilot program to measure the performance of Apollo Metro Solutions light emitting diode (LED) Street Light Luminaire with integrated Ultra-Low Power Wireless Controller. The decision follows the successful completion of a preliminary trial on Rattlesnake Hammock Road and aims to give the county more experience with upgrading from high-pressure sodium to more efficient LED technology.

“This is an important installation for Apollo Metro Solutions and we are delighted to expand our installation base in our backyard of Southwest Florida,” said Ulrich Altvater, Apollo Metro Solutions CEO. “We are always eager to work with progressive municipalities, such as Collier County, that wish to explore new energy saving lighting technologies. Adding the ultra-low power wireless monitor and control component puts Collier County on the leading edge of this industry.”

Apollo’s LED technology consumes 50 percent less energy and lasts three-to-four times longer than traditional lamps. Additional savings will be seen by adding Apollo’s remote monitoring and control of LED Luminaires. The integrated controller fits inside the Apollo fixture and provides a visual indication of all Apollo street lights. Energy usage and lighting data are then continually reported to a central management system that is accessed by users through a secure intranet web-like experience. Supplied with detailed analytics of its street lighting system, Collier County will in turn implement smarter energy saving strategies through more precise “on/off” and dimming schedules, particularly during late night operation and in low traffic areas.

Jay Ahmad, Collier County’s Director of Transportation Engineering remarked, “We are very excited to have found such a worthy LED light manufacturer right here in Naples. We were very pleased with the trial and we know that Apollo and Collier County will benefit from each other. We will monitor the energy and maintenance cost savings over the next three months and anticipate extending this pilot by eventually replacing outdated inefficient high-pressure sodium lamps.”

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