App Finds Parts, Figures Energy-cost Savings for HVAC Industry

Nidec Motor Corp. has introduced the MotorPro mobile app offering features that make it a “must have” for anyone working in the HVAC industry.

The cross-reference function on the MotorPro mobile app allows distributors and contractors to type in a competitor’s motor or part number and immediately see the Nidec Motor Corp. equivalent motor or part on the screen. From there, MotorPro allows you to access Nidec’s e-Catalog page for that specific product. And right there on your smart phone appears everything you want or need to know about it, including horsepower, frame size, voltage, dimension prints, wiring diagrams and other technical information.

In addition, searching for the definition of technical words and terms is a snap with the MotorPro Motor Dictionary. Distributors and end users get instant access to hundreds of motor and machinery terms. For example, type in the word “voltage” and you see 13 results, including “dual voltage,” “line voltage,” and “voltage relay.” Just click on the word or term for the definition.

Figuring out the cost savings when switching from a standard-efficient motor to an energy-efficient motor or from an energy-efficient motor to a premium-efficient motor is now just a click away with the MotorPro Energy Efficiency Calculator. This valuable tool allows the user to input parameters, such as horsepower, load demand, and other data and then calculates the efficiency level of the current motor compared to the efficiency of a premium-efficient motor. The user-friendly, easy slider function of the MotorPro app automatically updates the information, setting it apart from others in the industry.

And because energy costs can vary widely from state to state, the energy-efficiency calculator is customizable to the user’s geographic location, a valuable feature for a distributor looking to sell a customer on the energy benefits of a premium-efficient motor.

The MotorPro mobile app from Nidec Motor Corp. is free and available for Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms.

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