App Test for and Solves Excess Noise and Reverberation in Open Workspaces

BuzziSpace RT60 appBuzziSpace RT60 app

BuzziSpace RT60 app

BuzziSpace RT60 app

Having set out to stylishly invigorate the world of acoustic office furniture, BuzziSpace now presents its latest technological innovation: the BuzziSpace RT60 app. Designed to test and find solutions for excess noise and reverberation in an open workspace, the RT60 app not only quantifies the acoustical distractions in an office—it also explains exactly how BuzziSpace products can help.

The RT60 app begins by measuring the noise levels and reverberation time in a space. Put simply, the app tells users how loud a room is and how long it takes for sound to dissipate. The RT60 then compares these levels with recommended sound limits: ideally, in an office, it should take less than one second for sounds to disperse.

By suggesting BuzziSpace products that assist in alleviating sound reverberation, the RT60 app makes it easy to customize any workspace and create a productive environment. The app is a high-tech first step to making the most of BuzziSpace’s breakout furniture designs. A virtual design consultant in downloadable form, RT60 begins the process of adding privacy to an office without detracting from the creativity of an open space.

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