Applegate Insulation’s Recycled Cotton Insulation Blankets Meet AC81 Acceptance Criteria

Applegate Insulation Inc. announces its R-2 through R-30 glass-free, non-woven recycled cotton insulation blankets meet the AC81 Acceptance Criteria for Cotton Fiber Insulation as verified by Intertek-ATI.

Applegate Insulation Inc., a manufacturer of recycled cellulose and non-woven cotton insulation products for residential and commercial applications has, through third-party testing, successfully met the stringent criteria of AC81.

Intertek-ATI is a global, independent agency ensuring products meet quality, health, environmental, safety and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. Testing was conducted in accordance with AC81, Acceptance Criteria for Cotton Fiber Insulation, editorially revised October 2013.

“AC81 is a comprehensive battery of tests for cotton insulation used in construction,” says Terry Applegate, president of Applegate Insulation. “We have invested a significant amount of time, money and resources into achieving acceptance through independent testing with Intertek-ATI.”

The scope of AC81 testing includes evaluating characteristics for: surface burning, thermal transfer, moisture absorption, fungi resistance, corrosiveness, thickness and density. In addition, the R-13/3.5-inch blanket met a 1-hour rating for interior load bearing and exterior non-load bearing walls in a fire-resistant-rated, UL Design No. U344 listing assembly.

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