AprilAire Spends April Focused on Improving Indoor Air Quality in Homes Everywhere

AprilAire, a provider of professional-grade Healthy Air solutions for the home, has claimed the month of April as Healthy Air Month and is celebrating in a trio of ways: participating in Healthy Air events; recommending ways to keep the planet clean because Earth Day is every day, not just April at AprilAire; and continuing to offer industry-leading products that help capture viruses and prevent illness and mitigate radon. The sum result will be a month focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes everywhere.

Naming April Healthy Air Month echoes the EPA’s “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” announced last month, a call for improving IAQ in buildings everywhere to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as well as the World Health Organization’s recent report that 99 percent—almost the entire global population – breathes air that exceeds WHO limits and threatens their health. This national emphasis and global awareness on ventilation, filtration, and Healthy Air is a welcome priority, as AprilAire experts can attest, having had a singular goal to improve Healthy Air in homes nationwide since the company’s inception in 1954.

“The air we breathe is vital to health and wellness,” says Dale Philippi, president and CEO of Research Products Corporation, parent company of AprilAire. “Since 1954, we have been on a mission to make homes healthy because we believe everyone deserves Healthy Air. With this announcement we confidently put a stake in the ground and claim the month of April – the month that is at the heart of our name – as Healthy Air Month.”

Philippi and a team of more than 60 employees at the Madison-based company will participate in the Wisconsin Fight For Air Climb this weekend at Milwaukee’s American Family Field sponsored by the American Lung Association, an organization actively supported by AprilAire.

Since the global celebrations of Earth Day and Earth Month take place in April, it is fitting the month is also recognized as Healthy Air Month since Healthy Air is vital for the environment too. AprilAire will share tips and techniques across its blog and social media platforms to help consumers make everyday decisions to help our planet. Tips include reducing or eliminating household cleaners, air fresheners, and even scented candles which can contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), avoiding idling cars while waiting in lines and choosing energy efficient products for the home.

As Healthy Air Month, April is the perfect time to check a home’s indoor air for proper filtration and purification. AprilAire’s filters with excellent virus capture performance include its MERV 13 filters which capture 93 percent of airborne viruses* and MERV 16 filters which capture 98 percent* of airborne viruses.

Additionally, the AprilAire Healthy Air System, the company’s signature solution, is a smart, all-in-one solution which introduces fresh air into the home, purifies the air helping to remove airborne dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses, and reduce asthma triggers, while simultaneously maintaining balanced humidity to help prevent the proliferation of viruses.

In addition to reducing illness, Healthy Air can also eliminate pests, alleviate allergies, help maintain a pet-friendly home, improve sleep, lower stress levels, improve energy efficiency of HVAC systems, and help increase a home’s value.

In early 2022, AprilAire introduced a suite of radon mitigation products. Radon is the no. 1 cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and this odorless, colorless, radioactive gas is found in 1 in 15 homes. The only way to know if radon is present is to test and AprilAire’s radon mitigation systems can reduce levels up to 99 percent.

From products that help capture viruses, reduce illness, and mitigate radon to information campaigns that heighten awareness of Healthy Air as a top priority, AprilAire is at the forefront of the quest to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes everywhere, every day but especially during April – Healthy Air Month.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system

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