Aquatherm Provides More Intuitive Website with Redesign

Building on the success that was recently recognized in Forbes and Inc. magazines, Aquatherm redesigned its website to provide a more intuitive and productive experience for visitors.

The restructured site features new training videos, navigable case studies, and several other tools to assist contractors, engineers and associates in specifying Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random (PP-R) on projects.

After reviewing the usage on the former site and listening to user feedback, Aquatherm created a website that offers better support for those working with – or interested in –Aquatherm. With a completely new framework, the site features improved functions like “find local support” and new ones such as a “find a wholesaler.” Aquatherm’s documents can be sorted by use case. The case studies can now be filtered by location, application, product, and project type, so it is easy for current and potential users to find similar projects that have successfully installed Aquatherm pipe.

“We’ve been tracking how people use the site and we’ve restructured the navigation accordingly,” says Parr Young, vice president of Marketing and director of the website redesign. “We’ve simplified the site as well with more concise content, filterable case studies, responsive tools, and more.”

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