Aquatherm Releases 2014 Product Catalog Online and In Print

Aquatherm is pleased to make building green even easier with the 2014 Aquatherm North American Product Catalog, which is accessible online and in print. The catalog’s updated layout now includes more green products, updated technical information and photos.

“The 2014 edition was updated to make the content more concise and the photos crisper, just make it more appealing and more intuitive,” says Aquatherm President Adam Clark. “We feel this new catalog will better address engineer’s needs when specifying Aquatherm.”

Print copies will be distributed through Aquatherm’s sales reps and wholesale partners, and the digital version is available online.

The company’s fully recyclable systems have been proven in more than 70 countries around the globe for 40 years and are rapidly being specified as the piping system of choice in commercial, industrial and residential projects throughout North America.

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