Aquatherm Updates Its Installer Manual

Aquatherm has released an updated version if its “North America Installer Manual”. The installer manual covers best practices, safety, and planning for the proper installation of Aquatherm polypropylene piping systems.

The manual is divided into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 covers the basics of working with Aquatherm polypropylene pipe and explains the different types of Aquatherm pipe, their applications, sizes, and wall thicknesses
  • Chapter 2 explains the various heat fusion methods used to join Aquatherm pipe
  • Chapter 3 covers a number of topics, including hangers and supports, integration of other systems or components with Aquatherm piping, valves, flanges, and more.

Updates to this version of the installer manual include:

  • Updated product information (all pipe coming in 19-foot lengths)
  • The addition of references to additional resources such as Aquatherm TechTV videos
  • Technical data including an updated hanger spacing table and a blot length table

The online version of the manual is available here. The online version represents a current version of the manual. Hard copies of the manual are available from your local Aquatherm manufacturer’s representative or regional sales manager.

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