Architectural Dimming Platform Receives BACnet Support

Legrand announces BACnet support for its Wattstopper architectural dimming platform.

Legrand announces BACnet support for its Wattstopper architectural dimming platform.

Legrand North America has announced BACnet support for its Wattstopper architectural dimming platform, extending BACnet integration capabilities to its Lighting Control and Automation Panel (LCAP) series. This allows building automation and management systems to control all LCAP dimmer loads, buttons, and occupancy sensors. All projects requiring BACnet/IP can have LCAP panels specified on the job.
A growing number of commercial projects now require building management systems (BMS) to be capable of interfacing via BACnet/IP. The Wattstopper solution, the BACnet-enabled InFusion Controller, helps industry professionals meet this requirement. The ability for the BMS system to have more control and receive feedback from the Wattstopper architectural dimming platform provides opportunities to increase energy efficiency, building optimization, and user convenience.
Available in two models to meet project goals, the InFusion Controller Lite is ideal for smaller projects while the InFusion Controller II is applicable for larger applications where networking and expansion are possibilities. These controllers meet demands for delay-free and precise control of small to large systems. When the BACNET-IC-IP option is selected for InFusion Controllers, no additional hardware is required and the programming options for individual system personalization through the latest Design Center 3.7 software are included. The software provides control options, with BACnet object support, for system components that are accessible for use and control by the BMS system.

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