Area Luminaire Can Be Used in Off-grid Lighting Applications

Philips Gardco's EcoFormPhilips Gardco's EcoForm

Philips Gardco's EcoForm

Philips Gardco’s EcoForm

Performance and value come together with Philips Gardco’s EcoForm, an LED arm mounted area luminaire. Delivering a minimum of up to 20,000 lumens in a compact, low profile LED luminaire, EcoForm offers a new level of customer value in LED site and area lighting, rivaling HID in light quality and cost. Designed as an economical replacement for 400W Metal Halide area luminaires, EcoForm can provide the same minimum light levels from a 215W LED luminaire, yielding the potential savings 245W per luminaire and a reduction of 53 percent in energy use. Potential energy savings can be further improved by adding available integrated control systems, including automatic profile dimming and motion response. In addition, EcoForm can also be mounted on the Philips Solar Lighting System, a solar powered, standalone, lighting system for off-grid area lighting applications. The system provides dusk-to-dawn lighting with the ability to dim on sensor or on time-based information.

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