Armstrong Announces Savings Program for Chiller Plant Optimization Systems

Armstrong Fluid Technology announced a Savings Guarantee Program for its chiller plant optimization systems (IPC 11550 and Opti-VisorTM).

Armstrong will guarantee the savings on its plant optimization programs for a period of one year following the commissioning. Should there be a shortfall in savings in the first year, Armstrong will reimburse the customer for three times the difference.

“We are so confident that our chiller plant optimization systems will help our customers save on energy costs that we are willing to provide a written guarantee,” says Mark Gallagher, program manager of building services. “Some of our chiller plant optimization installations are saving building managers as much as 50 percent on their chilled water costs.”

The savings guarantee is based on an initial Energy Analysis and then an Energy Baseline Study that determines the current operating results for the building. Armstrong then prepares a proposal including the Savings Guarantee and baseline conditions. If at the end of the first year of operation the guaranteed savings are not realized, Armstrong will issue the customer a check for three times the difference between the actual and guaranteed savings levels.

Gallagher explains that another important aspect of the program is that Armstrong does not keep any of the savings, should the savings be greater than estimated: “All the energy cost savings are retained by the customers. So, the better the systems perform, the more savings they realize.”

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