Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ High-performance Ceiling Systems Meet Sustainability Compliance Standards

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions unveils the Sustain portfolio, a collection of high-performance ceiling systems that meet stringent sustainability compliance standards.

The Sustain portfolio is aimed at making it simple to find and specify ceiling solutions that have the environmental characteristics and the documentation necessary to comply with green building rating systems, including LEED and the Living Building Challenge.

To meet material transparency requirements, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Armstrong Product Declarations (APDs) have been developed for all the ceiling products in the Sustain portfolio. Sustain ceiling systems also comply with the rigorous performance standards of the Living Building Challenge certification program and the low emissions standards of the California Department of Public Health. Many of the products in the Sustain portfolio also feature a Declare label, a nutrition label for building materials, which is an independent verification that the product meets the stringent material requirements of Living Building Challenge 3.0.

“We have improved many of the ceiling products in the Sustain portfolio so that they comply with the industry’s most stringent material transparency requirement standards,” says Shannon Weir, marketing manager, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, “and we are working to move as many products as possible to the Sustain portfolio in the future.”

Available in acoustical and metal ceiling panels and suspension systems, Sustain products offer architects and designers the flexibility to create beautiful and sustainable ceiling systems in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

The Sustain portfolio includes a variety of mineral fiber and fiberglass ceiling panels, including Calla, Lyra PB (plant-based binder), Lyra PB High CAC, Optima PB, and Canyon. Calla, Lyra PB High CAC, and Canyon ceiling panels feature Total Acoustics performance, the ideal combination of sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) in a single panel.

Metal ceiling panels in the Sustain portfolio include MetalWorks Snap-in, MetalWorks 3D, MetalWorks Torsion Spring, and MetalWorks Clip-on. Suspension systems include Prelude XL, Suprafine XL, Interlude XL and Silhouette XL.

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