Armstrong Flooring Recycles Over 50 Million Pounds of Flooring Materials

Armstrong Flooring has continued to forge the industry standard in sustainability and product innovation with the announcement that the company has reached a milestone by recycling more than 50 million pounds of post-consumer flooring materials. Not only has the On&On Recycling Program kept 25,000 tons of materials out of landfills, it has eliminated the generation of over 16,000 tons of greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from 3,434 vehicles for a year.

“The success of our On&On Recycling Program is an affirmation that traditional linear thinking, where we use a product and throw it away, is evolving to a circular approach where waste is valued as a resource. It’s about more than diverting materials from a landfill, it is about using resources wisely from product design to the end of a product’s life cycle,” said Amy Costello, sustainability manager, Armstrong Flooring. “The On&On recycling program is an example of Armstrong Flooring’s dedication to circular economy principles and closed-loop manufacturing.”

Since 2009, the On&On Floor Recycling Program has offered commercial building owners and contractors an alternative to traditional disposal and a flexible, end-of-life recycling solution for flooring products. What began as a recycling program for VCT has expanded into a comprehensive program that includes Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and BioBased Tile (BBT). As LVT experiences continued growth in North America, this product’s lifecycle becomes increasingly important, and Armstrong has committed to creating and perpetuating a rewarding recycling option.

Eligible flooring is recycled in a closed-loop, post-consumer stream with reclaimed material incorporated into new flooring products. Regional recycling facilities in California, Illinois, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania handle the reclamation process, which includes both Armstrong products and qualifying competitive flooring products from demolition and renovation projects.

Tying into this milestone, Costello will speak at GreenBiz 17 as part of the Design & Circular Economy Workshop, to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 14. In a discussion advocating transformative growth and change, Costello will take the circular economy concept from theory to implementation, and explore how to put these principles into practice. The forum will bring together sustainability leaders from the world’s largest companies to explore the challenges and emerging opportunities in sustainable business.

To learn more about how to participate in the On&On Recycling Program, please visit the website.

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