Armstrong Honored by CDRA for Ceiling and Flooring Recycling Programs

Armstrong World Industries was honored recently with the 2014 President’s Award by the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA).

The President’s Award, which recognizes excellence and innovation in construction and demolition recycling, was presented to Armstrong in honor of the accomplishments of its ceiling and flooring recycling programs. The award was presented during CDRA’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in March.

“We are delighted to recognize all who have made a commitment to the recycling industry and their communities,” said CDRA President Valerie Montecalvo. “It is because of their commitment to the environment that our country is able to move to a more sustainable future.”

Since the inception of its Ceiling Recycling Program in 1999, Armstrong has recycled more than 155 million square feet of used ceiling tiles, preventing more than 77,500 tons or roughly 22, 175 dumpsters full of construction waste from being deposited in landfills.

Through its Flooring Recycling Program, which began in 2009, Armstrong has recycled more than 7.1 million square feet of used VCT (vinyl composition) flooring tiles, eliminating another 5,000 tons or about 1,000 dumpsters full of construction debris from the waste stream.

Both recycling programs enable commercial building owners and contractors to ship old ceiling and VCT flooring tiles from demolition and renovation projects to the nearest Armstrong manufacturing facility as an alternative to landfill disposal.

Armstrong uses the recycled tiles to manufacture new ceiling and flooring products through a closed loop recycling process. The new ceiling tiles are designated as Ceiling-2-Ceiling items and contain the highest level of post-consumer recycled content in the ceiling industry. Flooring products, such as Raffia premium tiles, are made from recycled VCT flooring tiles.

These programs provide a solution for building owners and architects who want to increase landfill diversion rates and earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Construction Waste Management credits.

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