Armstrong Introduces Performance Management Service

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced a Performance Management Service offering, available with the purchase of all Design Envelope pumps. This service is being offered on a trial basis ending in December 2018. Owners and end users can sign up for the introductory offer as an integral part of the warranty registration.

A study was conducted of 16 commercial/institutional buildings with central chilled water plants. Review of a full year of HVAC operating data revealed that 31 percent of chilled water pumps and 62 percent of condenser pumps had been set to In-Hand mode with the digital controls switched off or disabled. The estimated efficiency loss (not including the impact of reduced chiller efficiency) is 27 percent.

Real-time insights and alerts available in the Armstrong Performance Management Service include Pump-in-hand, Deadhead and Excessive Run Hours and will help operators and building managers with early identification and correction of inefficient equipment operation.

Armstrong offers two Performance Management services. Pump Manager is focused on the performance of individual pumps or pump arrays. ECO*Pulse helps building owners manage and optimize their entire HVAC system.

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