Artaic Unveils Its Proprietary Robot, Artemis

Artaic has announced the unveiling of its proprietary robot, Artemis. Developed by Artaic Robotics, Software and Manufacturing engineering teams, Artemis is its fifth generation robot that transforms mosaic production and further advances its competitive edge in cost, quality control, and lead time.

At 1/6 the labor cost of its previous fourth generation robot, Artemis enables competitive pricing starting at $20 per square foot for fully custom projects, made in the U.S. This compares to competitors’ pricing which is often over $100 per square foot. With the introduction of Artemis, Artaic is able to consolidate three separate workstations into one end-to-end workstation, manned by a single craftsperson who is able to take full responsibility for the quality of each job.

Previous generations of Artaic’s robots required separate workstations for sorting and assembly of tile inventory, production, and quality control. The single end-to-end workstation, with a smaller footprint, has double the output of its predecessors, as well as digital quality control. The increased speed results in faster turnaround times for those who are specifying Artaic’s products, with the advantage of competitive pricing.

Artaic is proud to introduce Artemis in parallel with a growing employee base. While it is often assumed that improvement in robotics will eliminate jobs, the presence of Artemis allows for existing employees to shift their roles into quality and supervisory roles working with robots, fulfilling additional needs of the company, and for new employees to join the team. The company is looking to fill three Robotic Manufacturing Systems Production Assistant positions, allowing new team members to work with Artemis and the current production staff.

With one employee managing the creation of a single mosaic, craftsmanship becomes a prominent component of the Artaic process. “The robots work for our craftsmen. A single production worker becomes the artist, taking personal responsibility and pride in translating designs from our digital Tylist software to real-life mosaics,” says Ted Acworth, founder and CEO of Artaic. “Artaic was founded on an appreciation for mosaic artistry, and that artistry has not been lost with our technology. Our employees are masters of their craft, giving each mosaic a personal touch.”

The debut of Artemis is timely, as Artaic manages its growth, including additions to the Flourish, URBN, and SPLASH! collections and the introduction of the Verge Collection of field and feature designs, inspired by its Glazed Porcelain tiles. With the success of these innovations, Artemis enables the company to meet production demands and grow its national salesforce.

For additional information about Artaic, please visit the website.

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