Artisans Create Designs From Reimagined Raw Materials

3form introduces two Full Circle designs from Nepal.

3form introduces two Full Circle designs from Nepal.

3form has introduced two Full Circle designs from Nepal. Inspired by the resilience of rural Nepalese communities after the 2015 earthquakes, these designs incorporate two reimagined indigenous raw materials related to the rebuilding efforts.

For nearly a decade, 3form’s Full Circle program has improved communities by empowering artisans through art and commerce. Led by CEO Talley Goodson, 3form’s design team, and partners around the world, 3form has created designs in collaboration with artists and small business leaders in countries like Nepal and Senegal.


Using wood shavings from the reconstruction of communities like Solukhumbu, 3form designers chose to encapsulate them as a testament to the undertaking of rebuilding after disaster. The wood shavings are arranged in a pattern and stained with three neutral palettes by local artisans, providing one more way for this community to heal and rebuild.


3form designers created another opportunity to work with skilled bamboo artisans near the epicenter of the earthquake site using a style of cut bamboo dowels. The artisans hand paint the bamboo dowels in Nepal and prepare the interlayers to be finished in the U.S.

Both designs are available in Varia and Glass in gray, tan, and brown palettes.

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