ASHRAE Is Accepting Abstracts for Its 2023 Winter Conference

Abstracts are now being accepted for the 2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference to be held in Atlanta, February 4 – 8, 2023, at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center and Georgia World Congress Center.

The conference will address improving energy efficiency and decarbonization in the built environment.

The technical program is comprised of the following eight tracks and a mini track:

The “Fundamentals and Applications” track will provide opportunities for papers of varying levels across a large topic base. Concepts, design elements and shared experiences for theoretical and applied concepts of HVAC&R design are included.

The “HVAC&R Systems and Equipment” track will focus on the development of new systems and equipment, improvements to existing systems and equipment and the proper application and operation of systems and equipment.

The “Refrigerants and Refrigeration” track will explore refrigeration systems, which generate and use cold for a range of processes, from food preparation and conservation, to vaccine preservation, to long-term protection of fragile ancient inks of historical documents and others.

The “Grid Resilience and Thermal Storage” track will highlight the advancements in grid resilience and thermal storage systems and how they are tied to resilience and energy conservation efforts.       

The “Pathways to Zero Energy Emissions and Decarbonization” track will highlight methods being developed to reduce carbon impact on the global environment and the efforts ASHRAE and its members are taking to advance these efforts. 

The “Multifamily and Residential Buildings” track will cover programs and papers on best practices, utility and above-code incentive programs, field studies, and codes and standards requirements. This track also welcomes programs and papers for single family housing and other residential buildings.                                                                     

The “Operations and Maintenance” will address an array of topics including lessons learned, improvement of process and team communications and effort to improve the installation, startup, O&M and commissioning of HVAC systems.              

The “Building Simulation and Virtual Design in Construction” track will focus on the practices of energy modeling and building performance simulation using existing simulation tools, software development, and future simulation research and applications for building simulation & virtual design in construction.

The mini track, “Innovative Responses to Supply Chain Challenge” is intended to help members plan for the future disruptions and develop resiliency plans around supply chain by highlighting effective and innovative strategies to mitigate supply chain challenges.          

Abstracts (400 words or less) are due April 5, 2022. If accepted, final conference papers (8-page maximum) are due July 25, 2022.

In addition, technical papers (complete 30-page maximum papers published in “ASHRAE Transactions”) are also due April 5, 2022 and considered for Science and Technology for the Built Environment, ASHRAE’s research journal.

For more information on the call for abstracts and the 2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference, visit

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