ASHRAE Releases the Spring Schedule of Training for Its Building Excellence Credential MENA

ASHRAE has announced the spring schedule of training toward its Building Excellence Credential MENA. The training will take place at the ASHRAE Global Training Center for Building Excellence in Dubai.

“The credential program is important to the Middle East and Northern Africa region because it addresses the challenges unique to this area,” says Farooq Mehboob, P.E., ASHRAE region-at-large director and regional chair. “This program provides real world application of ASHRAE standards and concepts to professionals who are actively involved in providing facility operational strategies and technologies to this region.”

The ASHRAE Building Excellence Credential MENA provides an opportunity for individuals to achieve recognition for completion of a curriculum of training in the building performance field. This credential is only available and earned by participation in the training curricula available at the ASHRAE Global Training Center—Dubai.

“Part of the ASHRAE mission is to present technology on a global scale,” says Dr. Ahmed Alaa, ASHRAE assistant regional chair, region-at-large. “The credential program brings customized training directly to the people of the region, with a focus on equipping building professionals with solutions to serve the needs of their local communities.”

A new course, The Future of Refrigerants: Challenges and Opportunities (MENA), is scheduled to take place on May 9. This training provides a background review of international treaties and initiatives that support the transition from hydroclorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and hydrofluorocabon (HFC) refrigerants towards non-ozone depleting (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP) substances. Refrigerant options suitable for use now and in the future within the region, and related Standards and Codes of Systems and Substances will be covered. The training is presented from industry experts on current practices and expected outcomes.

The course, HVAC Design Essentials (MENA), taking place May 6-8, following the new refrigerants training, will provide training for HVAC designers and others involved in the delivery of HVAC services in the MENA region. Bundled pricing is available.

Credits can be earned towards the Building Excellence Credential MENA.

Visit here to register or for a complete list of Building Excellence Credential MENA courses.

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