ASLA Endorses Sustainable Development Goals Launched during UN General Assembly

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) endorses the sustainable development goals that were launched during the U.N. General Assembly. The 17 goals address the interconnected elements of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection in all countries by 2030.

According to Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA, the executive vice president and CEO of ASLA, the goals reflect what people everywhere care most about, including water quality, transportation safety, food security and urban planning. Landscape architects have long been creating environments that encourage daily exercise, provide clean air and water, accommodate safe transportation for all, and even supply nutritious food.

“ASLA strongly supports all of the goals and their collective targets,” says Somerville. “They will help transform the world, and landscape architects have an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to this transformation through sustainable design.”

To learn more about the sustainable development goals, visit the U.N. Sustainable Development Summit 2015 website.

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