ASLA Releases Green Infrastructure Solutions Document

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has released a document outlining priorities to update and strengthen all forms of infrastructure. “Landscape Architects Leading Community Infrastructure Design and Development” centers on less-costly green infrastructure solutions in four areas:

  • fixing our nation’s water management systems
  • upgrading to a multimodal transportation network
  • recognizing public lands, parks, and recreation as infrastructure
  • designing for resiliency

“The U.S. needs a new approach to infrastructure development,” says Nancy C. Somerville, Hon. ASLA, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA. “Now is the time to integrate a strategic planning and design process. Integrating comprehensive infrastructure planning with natural systems analysis and land use planning is essential for creating livable communities in sustainable environments.”

“The attention now being paid to fixing U.S. infrastructure represents an opportunity for Americans to work together and address today’s needs, as well as create tomorrow’s resilient systems,” says Somerville. “American landscape architects will be at the forefront of this process because they contribute essential expertise in creating the green infrastructure that cities and towns across the country are demanding.”

To view the recommendations, go to the website.

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