Asphalt Shingles Offer Advanced Wind Performance

TAMKO Building Products LLC has officially launched Titan XT in the all-new Heritage Proline series of shingles, TAMKO’s most advanced shingle line yet. Titan XT shingles combine several of the most in-demand product enhancements, creating one of the most advanced premium architectural shingle series on the market, supported by one of the best wind warranties in the industry.

TAMKO Building Products LLC has officially launched Titan XT in the all-new Heritage Proline series of shingles

In addition to helping solve some of the challenges roofing contractors face through innovative technologies that offer fast and easy shingle installation, Titan XT shingles also feature a reinforced common bond, expanded nailing zone, enhanced sealants and top coating, and an innovative high wind warranty, all to bring the protection the market demands and the beauty that homeowners desire.

Titan XT

Technology is such a core component of the new Titan XT shingle that it is reflected in the new shingle’s name; XT stands for Extreme Technology. Customers quickly responded to the Titan XT shingle during early product testing and pre-orders, driving high demand for the product across the country. Roofing contractors invited to experience, test and rate Titan XT shingles had high praise for the product’s innovative features.

And Titan XT makes installation faster and easier for busy contractors with the new Rapid Fire Zone, a clearly defined expanded nailing zone up to five-times-larger than classic Heritage shingles.*

Advanced Technologies

Titan XT features performance-based shingle enhancements that have made the Heritage Proline series TAMKO’s most advanced series of shingles in company history, offering the following advanced features that benefit both roofing contractors and homeowners:

  • AnchorLock Layer – A proprietary reinforcement that gives Titan XT shingles their enhanced wind performance. This unique poly-fabric is applied to the back of the Titan XT shingle through the common bond for an added layer of protection that provides an anchor for the nails to embed in, locking them tightly to the deck and enabling the expanded nailing zone.
  • Rapid Fire Zone – A clearly defined expanded nailing zone designed for fast and easy installation and up to up to five-times-larger than classic Heritage shingles.* Contractors can install quickly and with ease all with the reassurance that the entire nailing zone, including the common bond, is reinforced.
  • Advanced Fusion Sealants – A family of aggressive sealants, specifically designed to be sticky, even in cooler weather, that fuse the shingles quickly to the roof deck, and each other, to help hold fast.
  • UltraMAX Weathering Layer – A proprietary technology engineered by TAMKO to increase the top coating of the shingle, where it’s needed most, for an enhanced weathering layer of asphalt designed for protection.

Enhanced Warranties

In addition to advanced technology, TAMKO offers enhanced protection and warranty benefits for its new Titan XT shingles. The enhanced wind performance achieved by the combination of the AnchorLock layer technology and Advanced Fusion sealants inspired the industry-first WindGUARD™ warranty with coverage up to 160 mph with only 4 nails installed in the expanded nailing zone, when using TAMKO Starter.**

As a central part of TAMKO’s new contractor loyalty program, The TAMKO Edge program launching April 2021, Titan XT shingles will be eligible for an enhanced Full Start non-prorated warranty period when installed and registered by a TAMKO certified contractor.

Titan XT is available now in select markets with a rapidly growing distribution area. Learn more about Titan XT.

*Compared with TAMKO’s Heritage shingles manufactured in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri and Texas.

**Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Applications Instructions for any requirements or limitations.

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