ASTM International Standard Helps Manufacturers Test Quietness of Floor Materials

An ASTM International standard will help flooring manufacturers test the quietness of their products, helping people who want to buy quiet floor materials. The test method (soon to be published as E3133) was developed by the ASTM committee on building and environmental acoustics (E33).

According to ASTM International member Jerry Lilly, president of JGL Acoustics Inc., prior standards related to flooring noise have focused on noise radiated down into the floor below the space containing a floor product. This standard addresses the living space that actually contains the product.

The test method determines the level of impact noise radiated by various flooring products mounted on a suitable substrate in a laboratory.

In addition to manufacturers using the standard to promote the quietness of their product, consumers and other buyers might use information from the tests to compare competitive products.

To purchase standards, contact ASTM International customer relations at (877) 909.ASTM or [email protected].

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