ASTM Standard to Support Recycling of Gypsum Panels

A new ASTM International standard will allow the gypsum industry to continue to manufacture products while integrating recycled materials into their processes. ASTM’s gypsum and related building materials and systems committee (C11) developed the standard, which will be published as C1881.

“The intended application of the new standard will be to help the closed-loop recycling of gypsum panels, in which the gypsum derived from the scrap panels is used in new panel products,” says ASTM International member Michael Schmeida, director of code, standards, and research, Gypsum Association.

According to Schmeida, the standard will be beneficial to manufacturers and recyclers of gypsum panels, as well as contractors who work with gypsum panels.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #15, Life on Land.

“The new standard supports recycling of scrap panels and, therefore, landfill diversion, saving land resources,” notes Schmeida.

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