Baker Group Launches Leadership Development Training

Baker Group, a specialty contractor based in Des Moines, Iowa, is grooming its future leaders through an Advanced Leadership Development class. The leadership initiative focuses on growing each participant to their greatest potential and to build Baker Group’s leadership bench strength for the future. It’s the latest addition to Baker Group University, an education effort to assure that Baker Group’s reputation of reliability continues. A member of the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance, Baker Group provides employees with training opportunities, a commitment common to members of InsideIQ, an international alliance of independent building automation contractors.

“Leadership is important to InsideIQ firms, which are all independent, locally-owned industry leaders in their respective communities,” said Leroy Walden, president of the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance and vice president of Atlanta-based McKenney’s Inc. “Our members are advocates for their customers, leading them to solutions to achieve their facility automation, security or sustainability goals. Baker Group’s commitment to training new leaders exemplifies the forward thinking of InsideIQ companies.”

“Baker Group encourages our staff members to be life-long learners,” said BJ Baker, chairman and CEO of Baker Group. “Just as our team has confidence in their technical skills, we are also providing the tools required to succeed in leadership roles. By providing these opportunities we are not only improving service to our clients, but also overcoming the loss of an aging workforce. We want to attract, retain, and develop our next generation of industry leaders.”

Baker Group chose 16 staff members to complete the Advanced Leadership Development track within Baker Group University professional development program. The objective of the training is to:

  • Engage and inspire potential leaders
  • Enhance leaders’ self-awareness
  • Develop leadership and management skills for today and the future
  • Build camaraderie and a sense of cross-functional “team”
  • Mitigate risks of talent disengagement and/or loss of talent
  • Stand out as professional leaders in our industry
  • Assure transition of leadership to the next generation

“The long-term measure of the program’s success will be a future leadership team that is more successful than past and current leaders,” said Baker.

Baker Group’s Advanced Leadership Development training was created by Kiley and Company, Leadership and Coaching Consultants based in Warren, RI.

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