Barriers Offer Bullet Resistance

Screenflex, a manufacturer of portable room dividers, announced the launch of its Multipurpose Ballistic Panel. These panels are Screenflex’s most robust products to date and, of course, serve as a protective barrier from bullets or other projectiles.

Screenflex has launched its Multipurpose Ballistic Panel, which serve as a protective barrier from bullets or other projectiles.

The Screenflex Multipurpose Ballistic Barriers is manufactured to meet the performance levels of UL 752 Level 3 and NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type III-A and has an ASTM-E84 CLASS A Fire Rating. These movable barriers have total lock swivel casters along the bottom that completely lock the divider in place. The ballistic protection panels also have a steel base that’s low to the ground and gusset plate reinforcement for extra strength and durability. Although “bulletproof” is never a 100 percent guarantee, this product offers bullet-resistant protection up to the levels written above.

This sturdy freestanding wall has the option of either a dry erase/magnetic surface or a tackable fabric on one or both sides of the panel. These features allow this ballistic protection barrier to be used in workshops, classrooms, or other collaborative settings. Screenflex envisions using these panels in office buildings, government facilities, and areas where ammunition may be used.

By adding these bullet-resistant barriers to its catalog, Screenflex expands its collection of safety products beyond fire-resistant welding screens and clear plexiglass germ partitions. In the case of ballistic protection, the goal is never to need it. However, having an easily accessible barrier can help facility managers and their employees have additional peace of mind regarding the building’s safety.

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