BASF Meets Fire Door Listing Requirements Issued by QAI

BASF Palusol SW sandwich panels meet fire door listing requirements issued by the Quality Auditing Institute Ltd. (QAI). The QAI listings, which include Palusol SW door cores, edge-sealing systems and hardware, confirm 20 to 90 minute fire resistance for wooden fire door slabs and frames. The panels provide architects and manufacturers with the option to use wooden doors and frames that meet fire resistance requirements in commercial and residential building construction.

Recent listings offer wider variety of fire doors

Palusol SW fire protection panels are filed under the F411 Fire Door Listing program by QAI. The fire door listing include single doors with wider and higher stile and rails, as well as door pairs with a maximum size of 8-foot by 9-foot. Additionally, the QAI tested a new timber frame design, and new hardware and a ceramic door glazing system.

“Over the past 50 years, Palusol has proved itself as a provider of fire protection panels developed to keep customers safe,” says Andreas Bolz, business manager Palusol at BASF. “QAI’s research is a proof point of the quality that Palusol offers to commercial and residential builders.”

Benefits of Palusol SW fire protection panels

  • Up-to 90 minute fire resistance for wooden single doors, pairs and frames
  • Combination of fire and smoke protection with insulation against heat
  • Low response temperature at 212F (100C) and short response time to heat
  • Thin door construction at 1-3/4 inch
  • Design options possible by varying the visible surface
  • Fittings and fixtures remain effective and functional after extended use
  • Glazing surface range from 83 square-inches up to 2,656 square-inches including a clip system to simplify the insertion of glazing
  • New hardware components were tested and specified to complete the product range

Palusol SW fire protection panels, combined with free licensing of certified and listed fire door assemblies by BASF, offers design freedom while complying with fire regulations.

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