Beckers Group Launches Tool on Quantifying the Sustainability of Coating Products

Beckers Group has launched a tool to quantify the sustainability of its coating products. The Beckers SI app is designed for architects, designers, building planners and steel makers; individuals or companies who are involved in the planning or construction of a building and aim to work with green materials without compromising on the design.

For different applications such as roofing or façade systems, the Beckers SI app shows users the collective impact of the materials used to make the coating as well as the value certain functions add to a construction. This enables them to make an educated decision and can also be rewarded by green building rating schemes such as LEED and BREAM.

“At Beckers, we believe in providing solutions that meet today’s needs without compromising those of future ge­nerations. The Beckers SI app offers a way to find more sustainable coil coating materials and shows that our coatings can do more than decorate,” says Bernd Vogel, chief technology officer of Beckers.

Nicklas Augustsson, Beckers’ global sustainability director adds, “With the Beckers SI app we lead the way towards a sustainable building design. We show which of our coatings are produced with sustainable raw materials and highlight functions that fully support green building trends.”

The Beckers SI app is based on the Beckers Sustainability Index and part of the company’s digital sustainability reporting. Together with it Beckers also published its yearly sustainability report as well as a short explanation video. Please find the links below.

Beckers SI Video
Beckers Sustainability Report

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