Belimo University Releases an Online HVAC Sensor Training

Belimo University has announced an online HVAC sensor training. Belimo University, known for its training programs, has released an online module on Belimo Sensors. This training provides an understanding of the features and benefits of sensors, their functions within an energy management system, and best practices for installation of sensors in common applications.

With unlimited access to a collection of HVAC online modules, Belimo University is a way to get the training you want. Go online and complete a one-time registration to access the library of training. 

The all-inclusive online program offered by Belimo University includes:

  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Introduction to Damper Actuator Sizing
  • Introduction to Control Types
  • Introduction to Valve Characteristics and Valve Limitations
  • Introduction to Valve Sizing for Water Systems
  • Introduction to Pressure Dependent Valves
  • Introduction to Retrofitting Butterfly Valves
  • Introduction to Retrofitting Globe Valves

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