Bike Parking System Introduces Fat Bike Tray

The Dero Decker bike parking system introduces the Fat Bike Tray.

The Dero Decker bike parking system introduces the Fat Bike Tray.

Dero has introduced the improved Dero Decker. This two-tiered bike parking system offers installation ease. It has the same space-saving efficiency, but with additional features making this product a must for any bike room or bike shelter where space is at a premium.

Bicyclists will appreciate how smooth the top tray moves when raising or lowering their bikes. Dero continues its safety with the Dero Decker front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers to provide safe lowering of upper trays. And of course, the Decker accommodates u-locks for security. Dero is also excited to introduce its Fat Bike Tray for the Dero Decker, so people with bikes with larger tires can park on these lower trays.

The top trays are 40 pounds lighter and include set screws so installers can set the downward resting position of the upper trays to accommodate different floor clearances. Installation requires 60 percent less drilling into the floor than the previous iteration, and installers no longer need to measure the position of the lower trays, since they now come with a bolting foot plate guide. This modular system comes in sections of four bikes (two up and two down) and can be either single or double-sided. In addition, the track design means top trolleys no longer need to be greased or maintained.

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