BLANCO Manufactures SILGRANIT for Over 30 Years

BLANCO North America has been manufacturing SILGRANIT products for over 30 years and has a heritage of continuous innovation. Advancements in engineering and manufacturing technologies continue to make SILGRANIT a popular choice for granite composite sinks across North America. For the eighth consecutive year, BLANCO earned a Kitchen & Bath Business Readers’ Choice Award in the kitchen sink category based on criteria ranging from style and aesthetics to stain resistance, durability and configuration.

BLANCO North America has been manufacturing SILGRANIT products for over 30 years.
BLANCO North America has been manufacturing SILGRANIT products for over 30 years.

“BLANCO has a strong history in manufacturing, design and innovation,” states Garth Wallin, president & CEO of BLANCO North America. “Combine that with our exceptional people and strong global brand, and we will continue to see great success for SILGRANIT in North America.”

Apron Sink in Granite Composite

Home to the first BLANCO SILGRANIT production plant outside of Germany, the Toronto, Canada, facility has played a critical role in the growth of the North American market with the development of several SILGRANIT colors and numerous product innovations. In 2016, the North American Manufacturing Plant ushered in a new generation of SILGRANIT sink with the introduction of the IKON farmhouse. An engineering feat in the world of modern manufacturing, BLANCO IKON is one of the first apron front sinks made of granite-composite. Since its initial launch four years ago, the IKON family has grown to become a best-selling farmhouse product line in both Canada and the U.S. Other popular SILGRANIT families include PRECIS, DIAMOND and PERFORMA which are all available in eight nature-inspired colors: Anthracite, Cinder, Metallic Gray, Concrete Gray, Truffle, Café, Biscuit and White.

2020 has brought more challenges than anyone could have ever imagined. Moving into the next decade, BLANCO understands that lifestyle needs will continue to change. The rise of smart appliances, sustainable technologies and hygienic solutions continue to gain traction and permeate homes and kitchens. SILGRANIT will continue to expand its offerings with new colors, innovative product features and material advancements.

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