Bobrick Assembles Hygiene Board to Make Commercial Washrooms More Hygienic

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. is positioning itself at the forefront of washroom hygiene, having formed a new Hygiene, Health & Wellness Board to assist the company in developing new products and other restroom design solutions that help make commercial washrooms more hygienic.

The board consists of experts charged with assessing new products for utility, safety and efficacy with regard to helping create sanitary restroom environments. The formation of the board is testament to Bobrick’s commitment to addressing washroom hygiene in a thoughtful, thorough and informative way. 

The board will help Bobrick continue to provide high-quality commercial restroom products that will enable architects, building owners and facility managers feel confident they are creating clean, safe spaces for their employees, tenants and patrons when they select and specify Bobrick commercial restroom accessories and toilet cubicles and partitions.

Hygiene advisory board members are:
Alan Gettelman, vice president, External Affairs at Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. 

Gettelman is a nationally renowned authority on accessibility standards compliance who has consulted on architectural specifications for decades. He has played a key role in expanding Bobrick’s product offering and services for architects, building owners, property managers and facility managers. Author of “A Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms,” he is responsible for counseling on architectural specifications and on fire codes, building codes, and accessibility.

Juliet Ferrelli, network director of Infection Prevention at Allegheny Health Network

Ferrelli has worked in infection prevention for more than 15 years in the Pittsburgh area and is currently the network director of infection prevention at Allegheny Health Network. She holds a master’s in clinical laboratory science and bachelor’s in medical technology. Prior to working in infection prevention, Ferrelli was an associate professor of hematology at Bismark State College. 

Mike Buck, health and safety compliance specialist at University of Minnesota 

Buck is a health and safety compliance specialist with the University of Minnesota Department of Environmental Health and Safety. He is responsible for indoor air quality investigations throughout the university system. Buck is a member of the hospital infection control committee for the UMMC Health Fairview system. He is the auditor for the asbestos, lead, and mercury programs and supports UMMC providing indoor air quality expertise and environmental microbiological sampling. 

Peter Henson, CEO at Allynt Solutions

Henson’s extensive experience in all facets of the facilities services industry uniquely qualifies him to offer comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting advice and guidance to commercial building owners, property managers, building service contractors, in-service providers, distributors and manufacturers of commercial cleaning solutions. 

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