Bobrick Touchless Toilet Cubicle Wins Best of NeoCon Silver Award

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. has announced its Thrislington Touchless Toilet Cubicle won the Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Architectural Products in the Interior Products and Solutions Category. The award was bestowed at NeoCon 2022 in Chicago on June 15.

The Thrislington Touchless Toilet Cubicle features a fully integrated access system that offers door control from both the exterior and interior of the cubicle using hand proximity sensors. Externally, the sensors are located on the fascia/pilaster between cubicle doors.

The sensor removes the need for a conventional lock since once a user approaches and activates the hand proximity sensors, the doors automatically open then close and lock behind the user, using an electromagnetic locking system. The system automatically disengages to allow manual opening of the door if a power failure occurs in the building.

The Thrislington Touchless Cubicle is part of Bobrick’s proud tradition of providing hygienic products for washrooms. In early 2020, Bobrick formed a Hygiene, Health & Wellness Board made up of experts in infection prevention, facility management, healthy design and manufacturing to assist in developing new products and other restroom design solutions that help make commercial washrooms more hygienic.

Earlier in June, Bobrick launched the first product in its Pure Hygiene Solutions collection—PureDriSanitizing Hand Dryer. The PureDri Sanitizing Hand Dryer is a restroom device that protects hands with a blast of super-concentrated ionized air following the drying cycle, while providing continuous sanitization in rooms up to 215 square feet.

The PureDri Sanitizing Hand Dryer is available through distributors across the United States.

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